Axiom Electronics Certifications

• IPC-A-610 Revision E-2010
• Class 3 Inspection Standard
AS 9100, 44522-2008-AQ-USA-ANAB
• ISO 9001:2001
• ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
• J-STD-001E Operators and Trainers
• Boeing QMS Certified Supplier
• Performs UL certifiable work (951273-001)
ITAR registered (DDTC M15400)
• CAGE Code: 3GG12
• GIDEP Registered (YN1)
• J-STD-001, including Space Addendum

Axiom Electronics Adds 3D X-ray Capability to Their Electronics Manufacturing Process

Axiom Electronics systems contract manufacturing

Axiom Electronics, the leading high reliability electronics systems manufacturing company, added a GE Phoenix X-ray machine providing high resolution 2D and 3D X-ray imaging technology to their manufacturing processes. These X-ray capabilities give Axiom Electronics greater ability to examine solder joints for product development, process control, and failure analysis.

The GE Phoenix X-ray machine will further Axiom Electronics’ reputation for high reliability SMT assembly. Solder joint quality and reliability becomes more challenging as component geometries shrink. Preventing solder joint failure and maintaining high-reliability comes down to how well components are soldered during the manufacturing process. Advanced 2D and 3D X-ray imaging technology enables Axiom to inspect solder joints, components (i.e. wire bonds) and printed circuit boards (i.e. buried vias) that could not be properly inspected with previous generation 2D X-ray technology.

Computer tomography enables Axiom to see a complete 3D model of solder joints and other features. This capability is particularly useful for process development (designed experiments) and failure analysis. Small differences in the height of a solder joint, the angle of attachment, or problems with blind or buried vias can result in field failures. These problems should be addressed and prevented in manufacturing before the product is shipped.

Along with these new inspection capabilities, cycle times on this tool are reduced with fast, efficient programming and setup linked with the automated CAD programming tools, so extra programming is minimized and manufactured product moves swiftly through the inspection cycle.

Axiom Electronics continually looks for ways to improve and enhance product manufacturing. The 2D and 3D tomography x-ray technologies delivered by the GE Phoenix x-ray machine shortens the inspection cycle and results in improved product reliability for Axiom Electronics’ customers.

Axiom Electronics LLC ( is a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services company founded in 1990 and based in Beaverton, OR. Axiom provides a full spectrum of sophisticated electronic manufacturing services to a wide range of OEMs in the high reliability military/aerospace, medical, instrumentation, communications, industrial, and computer sectors.

Talk with an Axiom sales person to find out more about how our new 3D x-ray can help your with your latest project.

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