Axiom Electronics Certifications

• IPC-A-610 Revision E-2010
• Class 3 Inspection Standard
AS 9100, 44522-2008-AQ-USA-ANAB
• ISO 9001:2001
• ANSI/ESD S20.20-2007
• J-STD-001E Operators and Trainers
• Boeing QMS Certified Supplier
• Performs UL certifiable work (951273-001)
• ITAR registered
• CAGE Code: 3GG12
• GIDEP Registered (YN1)
• J-STD-001, including Space Addendum

Manufacturing & Assembly

Turnkey Operations

Reduce your capital investment by having Axiom Electronics provide a turnkey solution, we can manage either complete or partial turnkey. With turnkey assembly, Axiom is responsible for the material and any attrition during assembly. You get higher quality product because we review every aspect of your product requirement and match that with our efficient procurement, stocking, and material management process from prototype through manufacturing builds.

Axiom Electronics procurement professionals developed the contacts to source your material requirements in a cost effective manner, and we manage and inventory the parts required to assemble your product. Turnaround time is determined by the parts availability and design complexity. Our skilled engineers and certified operators ensure the quality of the finished assembly meets your highest expectations.

For turnkey quotes:

  • Provide quantity and delivery time required
  • A Bill of Materials (BOM), including approved vendors and manufacturers’ part numbers
  • Assembly and circuit board drawings with supporting documentation (internal specifications and procedures, etc.)
  • Test requirements with schematics
  • For circuit board procurement, Gerber files and PCB fabrication instructions are also needed.
  • Partial turnkey quote requests should clearly indicate customer-provided parts.

Ask us how we can help you get the product consistency, quality, and timely delivery you deserve.

Consigned Material

Some Axiom Electronics customers prefer work on a consigned or partially-consigned basis. The customer furnishes circuit boards and/or components for assembly, we provide the expertise needed to assemble the product to meet their specified requirements. If requested, we will provide part numbering, inventorying, and cycle-counting services on a fee basis for consignment work.

With consignment, the buyer is required to ensure that the material is able to be machine-run and take the attrition factor into account. Since Axiom is not handling procurement, the customer is responsible for meeting the needs of the manufacturing process and the quality standard for the product.

The turnkey method described above usually makes completing the project both faster and easier because the responsibility for procurement falls on Axiom Electronics. Making Axiom Electronics accountable for procurement, component quality, the ability to run on our machines, and accounting for attrition, releases you to focus on the other aspects of getting your product out the door on time with a high quality standard.

Axiom Electronics knows the value of time, so turnaround time on consignment projects is kept to the minimum, subject only to the complexity of the design and the condition of the parts provided. The quality of the finished assembly will accurately reflect the quality of the parts provided.

For consignment quotes:

  • Provide quantity and delivery time desired
  • A Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • Assembly and circuit board drawings with supporting documentation (internal specifications and procedures, etc.)
  • Test requirements with schematics.

Alternatively, customers may choose to take advantage of our extensive supplier contacts to provide some or all of the components needed for their assemblies.

Tell us your needs on your latest project to see if material consignment delivers the product you require.